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If you’ve looked at home listings online recently, I’m sure you noticed a wide range of photo quality–from very poor to commercial ad quality.If you think about it, you likely assign a greater value, or even perceived quality, to homes that have better photographs.Given the way homes are researched by perspective buyers today, it is no accident that quality photos often result in a faster sale and possibly for more money.

Since the proliferation of home listings on the internet, photographs are front and center as the most viewed part of a listing.A perspective buyer will generally research a given geographical area and price range, and then begin the process of narrowing their selections by looking at the photos and, to a lesser degree, reading the summary description.If the photos do not capture the attention and imagination of the buyer in the first 10 to 15 seconds, then it’s quickly on to the next one.That is why I hire a professional photographer to take about 40 to 50 high-quality photographs of a new listing from which about 25 are selected to appear online.

The main benefits of using a professional are; thoughtful composition, detailed high-definition quality, and lighting that fills the entire room without the dark corners we see frequently online.A good real estate photographer will also highlight interesting features of a home to present the listing in the most positive way.

While it is possible to take your own photos using a good camera, some training is needed to adjust for different lighting situations.Walk through the home before taking photos and remove any clutter, empty bottles, dishes from the sink, or other distractions.When taking photos outside, naturally try to pick a sunny day and, of course, move the trash cans out of view.

When listing a home, I consider hiring a professional photographs one of the best services I provide for my clients.